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Thursday, 9 October 2014

A fantastic book, not to be missed.

It is called "The penis chronicles and other random observations." Yes, you read it right. 'The penis chronicles.' This book contains, indeed, all you need to know about the penis, although not anatomically speaking. Its insecurities, its needs, the way we, women respond to it, and so on. In a debut book that will, without any doubt, glue you to the pages, Australian author Cheryl Van Hoorn will tell you all about the legendary male organ that commands men's lives and fascinates those of women.
Here is how it all begins:
Penis, penis, penis, penis! There, I’ve said it. I am placing the penis on notice, right here, right now, front and centre. I am declaring that there is a Divinity of the penis.
The seeds of this rather inopportune sentiment were planted while I was growing up on the heels of my mother’s well-worn shoes as she walked my sister and myself from one end of Hurstville to another. Throughout these walks mum would tell stories. She had a gift for words (something she passed to me) and her constant chatter did not require a reply. She talked to us of Kings and Queens in the past, of the politics of the day and what the woman on the corner was doing now to piss her off. But mostly she spoke to us about the penis.
We were cautioned here; it was a dangerous thing and not something that could be taken lightly. It was both a weapon and a tool and it scared the bejesus out of my mother as well as myself. I believed the words that came from her mouth.
Mind you I believed her when she told me that I would get pregnant if I drank out a green straw.
This belief regarding the penis placed me in an oddly myopic position as I grew up. It coloured the way in which I observed the adult world I was about to enter. A world where men lived with their penis and wanted THE SEX.
 Growing up in a house with a mother and a sister and rarely seeing the patriarch of the house gave me no point of comparison. Of course I had a normal interest in this implement, a curiosity that was sated by the fact that I chose one of the few legitimate professions where I was able to view the penis frequently. I became a Nurse.
The not so humble penis is the centre of a man’s being. The orientation of life. For them anyway. Women are really sure it is not.
This is not something that woman talk about this in so many words however it is present in the side slip of gentle conversation; engaged in the tales told by mothers in the schoolyard while waiting for offspring and those mothers with friends who have sons. From this it is not difficult to see that males have a singular point of worship: their penis.
This was demonstrated to me in hard terms early one morning.
I have no doubt that by now you are curious to see what follows. For those eager to keep going, the book is available for sale in both hard copy and in E-book format. Click HERE for the purchase link.
About Cheryl:
Cheryl was born and bred in Australia and grew up against the 70’s and 80’s learning her lessons in life at her mother’s heels along with a disenfranchised youth.
Cheryl entered the University of Sydney to complete a diploma of applied sciences, Nursing. Upon graduation she commenced work on a kidney ward leading to some of the most gratifying work in her life and delivering to her a husband and two sons.
Cheryl is now the owner/editor of Tweaking MADD and is currently completing a Bachelor of Communication with a double major in Film Studies and Creative Writing while being owned by three fractured cats and two dogs.

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